Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Glimpses of our Easter table.

Glimpses of our Easter and of dh's birthday.
The Easter Vigil. Mass on Easter Sunday night. Prayers. Many, many, yummy chocolate eggs. Hot cross buns. Time with family. With friends. Music.
And workouts.
Yes, Easter workouts. Grabbing time to work out makes me a cooler person. I hope. Nicer. I hope. Healthier. More fit. More fun. Puts an added smile on my face.
What workouts? Aerobic weight training and step aerobics. Weight training ~ light weight high rep. Kickboxing.
Working off chocolate and tiredness .Working out to look and feel better, to be better. Even at Easter.
As a fellow poster says in her avatar, on the Ya-Yas fitness forum ~ What can I say, life is my catwalk. I want to be a"hottie"senior citizen.
Happy Easter season!


Rebecca said...

Happy Easter Leonie and family!

Leonie said...

Thanx - and same to you and to your family!

Genevieve said...

I love the table setting. So festive and colourful! We had planned for a simple family brunch but ended up invited another family last minute. As in right after Mass. *grinz* Nothing like a little gathering to put a festive spin on a simple meal. Happy Easter!

Leonie said...

Sounds like fun - Happy Easter thoughts, too!

Ruth said...

Beautiful, leonie! Have a blessed Easter season.

Leonie said...

Thanks Ruth - hope you have a good Easter season.