Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I made a cake!

I felt like eating Christmas cake.

Yes, I know it is Lent (hence the purple ribbon trimming) , but I haven't given up cake for Lent ( I have other penances). And I like Christmas cake any time of the year. And my tummy has been so unwell that it is fun to be able to eat some things..Well, there are many things I still can't eat, but I wanted to give cake a try.

I baked this yesterday afternoon, the house smelt warm and cosy and delish during the baking. We ate the cake wth soup for dinner, after Mass and Novena to St Anthony.

This pic is ( much needed) proof that I can bake a nice cake! lol!

ETA ~ This is a nice recipe, that I have used in the past. ( For Mary:-))


Mary G said...

Well good for you, Leonie! I think that's a sensational idea ... how did it taste and do you want to share the recipe?????especially with those of us who also didn't give up cake for Lent!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't doubt it for a second! FrB

Leonie said...

lol, Fr!

Mary, I'll post a link.

HopewellMomSchool said...

Too bad "fruit cake" is the butt of all jokes here. I'd never had an edible one till I lived in Africa and had one made by, who else, kindly Aussies!

Leonie said...

Oh, too sad - fruit cake is my fave cake~!