Thursday, March 13, 2008

What's for Dinner?

Oh, gosh, I am so bored with thinking of dinners. I don't even cook every night, as sometimes the kids cook and sometimes we buy takeaway. But it is still hard to think about dinners, to find dinners that are easy, not too expensive and quick to cook, especially when we are home late ( most nights!).

Didd a Google seach this morning and came up with sites and ideas.

What's for dinner tonight?

What's for dinner - make dinner time family time

What's for dinner, recipes by email

And a blog devoted to What's for Dinner, put together by another mum

This, too, is another "mummy's blog", with daily recipes ~ I want to try the Blushing Penne Pasta.

Feel free to share suggestions.


Candlestring said...

I like the Saving Dinner books by Leanne Ely. I don't follow them precisely, but they're a good starting point for me. She also has a website.

Rachel said...


I feel your pain! I love to bake, but not to cook. I am good at it though, I even LOVE cookbooks! However, by night I just don't have it in me. And cleaning up just plain stinks! So, we order out a lot too. But in my defense tonight we had a home cooked meal of pork tenderloin and roasted potatoes with salad and home made dressing. Still, though, it does get boring.

Ah...if only we could live on home made brownies, cookies, cake, bread, biscuits, scones etc...then my kids would have it made. ;-)

Thanks for the websites though...every bit helps!

Marie said...

For awhile, back a few years now, we were going alphabetically through each country in the world and I made something that fit with that cuisine. I found a website that started doing the same, and it was easy to follow for the first 8 or 9 countries. I think we got up through the Gs, so we were doing pretty good. It gives you variety, but it also can leave you with some pretty gross food that you discover no one likes, like a very memorable dish from Finland. It also took up *a lot* of time because I wasn't very organized about planning the shopping lists ahead of time. But we did discover some new dishes that became long-term favorites, such as Afghani Boulanee.

Leonie said...

Thanks for the book recommendation.

Rachel - my kids would love to eat at your house - yummy treats!

Nice ideas, Marie - cooking via countries.

Ladybug Mommy Maria said...

Tonight we had champagne chicken with garlic, gnocchi (I bought this frozen at Trader Joe's) and salad.

My 2nd daughter made brownies so Daddy will have a treat after dinner!

I like these ideas - especially the cooking via countries.

Leonie said...

Wow, gourmet meals! We had leftovers Wed, takeaway Thurs, goodness knows what we will have tonight, for the feast of St Pat!

HopewellMomSchool said...

"I'm an organizing junkie" [blog] hosts "Menu Plan Monday"--tons of ideas, often with links to recipes. I participate when I remember!

Also, you might find this post interesting

Beate said...

No suggestions from me - I've been in a cooking slump for well over a year now! Luckily my dc are scavengers *ggg* I love your links, though!