Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Pyjamas and blogging.

Last night, after Mass, we stood outside the church and talked to friends. Talked of pyjamas.

As you do after Mass, after Tuesday night Mass and Novena to St Anthony.

I guess.

Don't ask me how the topic began, you truly don't want to know.

One friend mentioned that she has pjs with dogs on them. Cute! I said I have a pair with "Bad Girl" emblazoned on the front. And another with pics of Felix the cat on the top and the word FELIX sprawled across, well, across the bottom.

Others wore old t shirts and shorts to bed...

What do you wear to bed?

On second thought, don't answer that. Probably more than we want to know. It will turn into one of those blogging polls.

These polls are everywhere - a myriad of topics, ranging from what kind of mother are you to are you addicted to blogging?

Apparently, I am 80% addicted to blogging.

As if.

With inane posts like this , the addiction must be at least 98%!


Anonymous said...

Lol i still think we'd give a certain cat pj wearing woman a run for her money :P lol yes how did that topic start hehe, gees we come up with some strange topics, all in good fun - im not complaining :P

Leonie said...

Yes - how do these things start!! But all in good fun...:-)

sarah said...

Super Girl PJs, not that anyone cares to know that:o)

Leonie said...

Super girl! Fun!