Monday, November 19, 2007



Anonymous said...

What were you doing in Melbourne?


yesterthoughts said...

Thank you, Leonie, for sharing your trip to Melbourne. It looks like you had a nice visit to the city.
Blessings, kristina

Leonie said...

Fun to visit another state - mind you, I was in Melbourne twice last year, so this could get a bit monotonous! lol!

Pam - we went for an ordiantion of one of the Conventual Friars. Lovely. And had a few days holiday....

Anonymous said...


Compass has a companion show to "the Abbey" on for the next five weeks- called the Monastery and it follows five men. It's British. I wonder if it will be less snippety than the Abbey.


Leonie said...

Thanks for the heads up, Pam - and what was the name of that show, the one with actor who played the Master in the new Dr Who???

Will try to drop around Spellbinder this week, and also the Iain Pear book - loved it so much, I bought a copy in Melbourne, and also another book in the Jonathon Argyll series. :-) Still to check out the cozy mysteries site!

Anonymous said...

Great! I'm glad you liked it! I hope you bought one I haven't read,then! It's a bit unfair he gets the series named after him, I think.

Life on Mars was the show.

I have bought our first big DVD purchase- the whole kit and caboodle of Get Smart. (How's that for highbrow DVD viewing?)

It was an impulse buy because I found them at a fantastically good price- so good that I'm worried it's too good to be true. It's a surprise present for the rest of the family for Christmas.

Sometime when you've got time I want to ask you about Maths. I'm having a worry-attack about Timothy.

Have a great rest of the week- enjoyed your post about Advent although now I feel guilty because I just don't feel up to much this year. Maybe I should ask the boys what they would like to do and give them some of the responsibility. Sorry for the epistle,


Leonie said...

I bought The Bernini Bust - have you read that one? Thanks for the DVD tip - will look out for it..Enjoy the Get Smarts, 999! :-)

Email me and we can talk Maths or maybe try to catch uop one more time before Xmas.

Don't feel guilty, you have a new baby! My list looks long but its all simple - I keep things very simple. But forgot to add in to the list to find time to make an Xmas cake and tarts! lol!

I think asking the kids for inout is great.