Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Advent List

With the Feast of Christ the King this Sunday, it seems that Advent is almost upon us.

I have made a list, in random order, of Advent-y, Christmas-y things to do.

I'll have to assign days and dates to the activities. Grab my diary!

*Finish book making
*Read from the book - Daily Advent readings from Pope John Paul 2
* Choose individual spiritual readings for the time of Advent
* Ditto for Advent penance
*Make Advent wreath
*Get out Xmas stuff - books, movies, etc
* Activity for St Nicholas
*Activity for St Barbara ( check weather)
* Activity for the Immaulate Conception and for Our Lady of Guadalupe
* Put together Advent calendars - sayings, lollies...
*Decorate for Xmas
*Shopping - presents, Xmas table trimmings, etc
* Order Xmas food
* Do cards and presents
* Start Xmas Novena
* Do Gingerbread activities - house/train/men...
*Sing carols and play Xmas music.
*Plan menu and holiday activites with older kids around.
*Parish BBQ and Xmas carols and parish newsletter
*Think about Xmas Masses, Feast of St John, Mass for the Holy Innocents...
*Homeschool and Kumon end-of-year stuff..

Busy and fun!


HopewellMomSchool said...

We're not Catholics. The kids and I are making an advent wreath for a Catholic friend. I found prayers for the accompanying book online, but what day is the first day of advent? Sorry if that's so stupid it brings gales of laughter!! Would you post that? Thanks!!!

Leonie said...

The actal day varies from year to year, to fit in the fou Sundays of Advent before Xmas. This year, the first Sunday in Advent is Sunday Dec 2. We usually start our Advent calendar on the first day in December and our Advent wreath and candle lighting on the first Sunday in Advent. HTH!