Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Solemnity of Christ the King...

....honours Christ as Lord and King of all.

Christus Rex. Christus Regnat.

Pope Pius XI instituted the Solemnity of Christ the King on 11 December 1925 in his encyclical Quas Primas. At that time he saw the rise of atheistic communism and secularism as a direct result of man's turning away from Christ's sovereignty, and man's denying of the authority of Christ's Church.

Our parish held its annual parish BBQ today. Last year's BBQ was also on this day - a great day, in the liturgical year, for a church community get together, don't you think?

A lot of fun. Especially the games. I suck at sack races. :-)

I'll try to post pics later.

And, you know, the BBQ and the Solemnity allowed various things to come up . About depression. And living with depression. Living with a family member who is depressed.

This article addresses some of these issues. Some tips ~

Learn About Depression
Put Yourself First Occasionally
Take Time Out
Talk About What they Find Helpful
Support Activities
Talk to Someone

Things to think about and talk about as we approach Advent and Christmas.
All of life is connected isn't it? Even a connection between Christ the King-parish BBQ-depression.
Or is that just the way my mind works? A mental scrapbook of connections. An unschooling experience!


Anonymous said...

It was a great day indeed :), i understand what you mean about everything being connected. I think as friends and in our wider community we need to look out for one another. Parish events like this really bring people together and it shows people who feel very isolated that they are valued and people are willing to listen to them and make them feel welcome

A job well done :)

Leonie said...

Very true, Kristine. And you did such a great job - thanks for all the work. And thanks to YG for the games - cool!

HopewellMomSchool said...

Good little article. Now if someone could write something to help kids understand it without patroning them and insulting their intelligence. My son and I both struggle with depression. Happily, my daughter seems to roll with life. My son gets so angry over being "different."

FYI--Leonie, My friend Stephanie and I dragged the kids to St. Meinrad Archabbey over the weekend. Absoltely spite of the comments like "Other families take trips to Kentucky Kingdom [amusement park] but NO! NOt us! No way! ! Give us a Church tour any time! How fun is that!" I was pleased that my two non-Catholics at least knew the Old Testament Prohets.....sorry to relate, but none of the Catholics could come up with even one. Post cards will be in the mail to the gang as soon as I can get to a post office!

Rachel said...


I have tagged you! You're it!
Actually, go to my blog and read the newest post. If you want to participate it is pretty self explanitory.

Leonie said...

I feel for you and your son, Lisa - depression is hard for thise suffering and for those seeing a loved one suffer.....Will google the St Meinrad Archabbey, sounds intersting. Loved your kids comments AND knowledge!

Leonie said...

Thanks, Rachel - off to take a peek!