Friday, November 02, 2007

All Souls Day and Other November Things

Today we pray for the dead.

We went to Mass this evening, followed by Holy Hour. Fr. wore black vestments - a colour reserved for funerals, for the Feast of Holy Souls, for Masses for the Dead....

Why black?

The use of black represents Christian realities. Christians are people of hope ; we are also aware of the reality of sin and of judgement. We do not presume to know the state of another's soul. We know that we have a tendency towards sin and that we do not always resist, nor always repent of our sins. So, we hope and pray.

Black has overtones of mourning , and acknowledges our emotional response to loss , and reminds us of our need to pray for the repose of the deceased's soul. It also is a reminder and symbol of our belief in purgatory, where the suffering souls require our prayers and Masses.

Black represents our mourning and reminds us that there is work to be done -- the work of prayer. The gold or silver which adorns the black vestment gives us that silver-lining of Christian hope .

We had intended to make "Dead Bone Cookies" tonight - almond biscuits in the shape of bones, as an All Souls activity. But ran out of time.We did, however, make Coffee Braid last night, for All Saints Day. According to our cookbook, this braid was often made on the Feast of All Saints in Germany-Hungary-Austria.

Our Braid didn't braid but Gerry and the boys said it was yummy!

We have a centrepiece on the dining table for this month ~ each month I try to have a centrepiece to reflect the liturgical year. We have the above plaque - since we have the Presentation of Our Lady and also the Feast of Christ the King, this month.

And we started on our bulletin board focus for November - pics of Thomas, the birthday boy, and postcards ( as they come in) from our Internet friends and postcard exchange.


Linda said...

I like your BLACK explanation. Also like your monthly centerpiece idea. Where do you find the time to do these things, and blog???

Leonie said...

lol! Linda - truly, I keep things very simple. I don't make anything big for the centrepiece - often don't make anythng at all, just use something from around the house. And it takes five mins to change the background on the computer to reflect the liturgical year, to turn the page of the saints book each morning...Doing simple things is the only way I have time for anythng! lol!

Even my blog is simple - I don't play around a lot with fonts and templates - no time! :-)

Moonlight in Vermont said...

Thank so much for the black explanation too! Love the monthly centerpiece idea:) Thank you for you're encouragement to be with our teens(over at 4REAL at teenager section.) You always have such wonderful advice.

Leonie said...

Hey, thanks for the lovely comments and encouragement! :-)