Monday, November 05, 2007

Living Mindfully

A quote from a diet related book - but a quote that pertains to many other areas of my life. What do you think?

There is a really big difference between living IN the moment and living FOR the moment. Living IN the moment means being here now. Living FOR the moment means you are living just for that moment, as if that moment is the only one you will ever have. Doing that won't make your life better, but it might make your life worse, especially if you're not making choices based on the bigger picture of your life and everything and everyone who is most important to you. From " Winning After Losing" by Stacey Halprin.

Living in the moment means I enjoy the here and now - Mass this morning with the family, my Turbo Jam workout today, a moment with a son or with my dh or with a friend, a minute of silence and prayer...

It also means that I still keep the whole story in mind - the moment is important, my life is made of many moments, but it is not just about this moment. I want to remember to not be so caught up in the pleasure of a moment, so caught up that I disregard my thoughts and actions and consequences.

A balance between spontaneity and planning. This is what I am trying to aim for - yes, in diet and eating habits, as the book mentioned above describes. But also in all areas of my life.

With prayer.


boomer said...

Love this, Leonie.



Leonie said...

Thought of you when I read "living in the moment". :-)