Monday, June 16, 2008

Walk, Walk, Walk

Yep, that is what I have been doing lately. Walking. An hour every day.

Walking is the only workout that gets my doctor's approval right now, post surgery. I see him again on June 24 ( the feast of The Birth of St John the Baptist and our liturgical year celebration with Xmas Pudding and Xmas Cake in June) . At this visit, I hope to get the okay for adding in other workouts.

But , mean time, walking is not so bad. It is rhythmic. It is fun. It encourages meditation. And it is helping me maintain my weight loss.

I lost a few kilograms after surgery but thought I'd put them back on with no workouts. I have a fear of getting fat again. I'm not fat any more, I'm normal BMI, pretty fit but not super thin! Dang! lol!
Anyway, weight gain hasn't happened. You know, an hour of walking cardio every day is helping me maintain my weight. Coupled with some loose calorie counting, of course!

Walking is man's best medicine - Hippocrates

Definitely. I have been dealing with some stress and anger and depression in a family member's life and walking away from things for an hour really helps. Sometimes, this person walks with me - the exercise and time together outside, even if we don't talk, has to be good for both of us, right? I usually pray my Rosary while walking. I ask St Anthony of Padua for his intercession. Or I stay home, I put on a walking workout DVD ( yes, they do exist! lol) and I walk and smile and blow off worry. Or concerns.

And those super addictive make-me-feel-happy endorphins kick in.

I am a pretty happy person any way, like to smile and laugh. Walking, and working out, makes me even happier!

I feel good! - James Brown.

Walking workout DVDs? I've been doing some by Leslie Sansone - especially like her 5 mile fast walk and her 4 mile fast walk - these have options and markers for just doing one/two/three miles, too! These also have weight training options, if you want to add in some weights while walking -well, I can't, my doc says no weights for now but at least the option is there.

I also have some fun George Foreman, ex boxer, walking DVDs and one Prevention one with trainer Chris Freytag.

I can't wait to get back to my Billy (Taebo) and Chalene (Turbo Jam) and to the Stepford Wives of The Firms. But walking is working fine for me right now.

Maybe you can add some walking into your week? You don't have to do an hour, even a fifteen minute walk is cool!

She walks in beauty, like the night
Of cloudless climes and starry skies;
And all that's best of dark and right
Meet in her aspect and her eyes...Lord Byron

( She walks in beauty....I wish! I'm more like Big Girls Are Beautiful by Mika, well, not exactly beautiful! lol! ~ Check out Mika's YouTube clip for the Big Girls song... )


Cindy said...

You are great, Leonie, you find teh best in every situiation! Your family member is lucky to have you stiding alongside.


Greg said...

Hi Cindy - and how are your workouts going? Is your job placing extra demands on time? I'll have to check out your workout blog....

Leonie said...

Oops - that is NOT Greg, its me!!

Ladybug Mommy Maria said...

I really like the quote from Hippocrates!

Since we moved, I'm walking lots and swimming!

Jacqlyn said...

Walking is the best medicine for me right now. Something about being outside in nature, the sunshine and fresh air just makes me feel so much better. Yes, I second walking!

Leonie said...

Wow, cool that you are all walking!