Tuesday, June 24, 2008


The Feast of the Birth of St John the Baptist. Christmas pudding and custard for dessert tonight - I've allotted enough calories for me to eat some! - Christmas in June. It is exactly six months to Christmas and St John was the precursor to Jesus.

In French class today, Greg had his brothers and other homeschoolers make
Fondant au Chocolat. They had to read and follow the French recipe. You can see the yummy results above.

Post French, the kids have been playing Mario Cart on the Wii and games with Yu-Gi-Oh cards. An educational school day... Thomas is now at work at McDonalds. Alexander is going to work at Kumon. Anthony has junk-mail-for-delivery to fold. I've sent emails and made WYD phone calls. Have errands to run and Kumon paperwork to do as well. And Mass tonight..

Oh, I went to the doctor at lunch . Yay, I am healing well! I am back to normal duties and working out tomorrow ~ but I have to take it slow. And the doc said I can stop the daily injections (little does he know that I stopped them two weeks ago. I thought enough was enough. I didn't tell him that though. I pretended to be the model patient).

Finally - look what arrived in the post. A used copy of one of the Battlestar Galactica novels, based on the original series and by the original actor who played Apollo. I am excited...I've ordered another used novel, too. Dh said - You didn't buy those Battlestar books, did you? My reply - No - well, not brand new, anyway!

I am not an addict...I am not an addict...

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molly said...

Happy feast day Leonie, I am delighted to hear you are recovering so well. Rememeber to take it easy with those work outs.....easy does it!