Monday, June 02, 2008

June Bulletin Board

Can you believe it is June already? I can't! lol!

Each month we try to put things on the bulletin board, things that reflect that month's activities or focus. The liturgical year. Interests. Items to strew.

It is a relaxed form of homechool/unschool planning, and of broadcasting to the family, and to others, our doings.

This month we have a Prince Caspian poster - the movie opens here on June 5. Can't wait to see it. I'll probably re-read the novel and Anny and I will continue some Prince Caspian rabbit trails.

Surrounding the poster are smaller pics -

*of the UK ( son Greg is going to the UK soon-ish)

*the IMAX theatre showing of Blue Planet ( Homeschool teen group is going to see this and I have downloaded the teacher resources, for possible activities and follow ups)

*an early photo of Queen Elizabeth II ( the Australian Public Holiday for the Queen's Birthday is on June 9. Check out the website for the British monarchy)

*a Christmas pudding ( for the feast of the Birth of St John the Baptist. We always have Xmas pudd on that day, to remember that St John is the precursor of Jesus, and that it is exactly six months , 24 June to 24 December, till Xmas. Thank you, Fr Gerard Hogan, for giving us this idea - well over ten years ago now!)

*St Anthony of Padua ( his feast day is this month and our parish has masses and the novena for St Anthony. Our family has a special devotion to St Anthony.)

*an image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus ( June is the month of the Sacred Heart, we remember Jesus' great love for us and we remember the honour of receiving Jesus in the Eucharist. )

*the cover of the DVD A Man For All Seasons ( about St Thomas More, another Saint whose feast day occurs in June. Thought it would be fun to watch this DVD and look a little bit at British history).


Anonymous said...

Good ideas - I'd love to hear your comments on Prince Caspian - we really liked it - and what a good thing to remember - the feast of St. Thomas More!


Jennifer said...

I brought that very same photo home from London after attending the Jubilee a few years back! Maybe I'll try to find some of my photos of that trip in time to post them. I think that might have been pre-digital though??? Oh dear...