Sunday, June 29, 2008

Plans this week

*Add in more workouts - yesterday was a FIRM, aerobic weight training and today was Turbo Jam - kickboxing. What to do this week?

*Follow more rabbit trails - Prince Caspian and Narnia, Blue Planet

* Put up new pics for July's bulletin board

*Have a friend and son over for morning tea and a homeschool kid, my sons' friend, over for the day...

*Cook for and celebrate Alexander's birthday on Tuesday. We've had discussions this morning about what to eat, what to make. We'll eat after the St Anthony Mass on Tuesday evening.

*Have our final French class with Greg as teacher, with a French morning tea celebration for all students and mums to follow

*Work on an article I've been asked to write, to include in an unschooling book to be published later this year

* Hopefully have others share lunch with us on Wednesday

*Celebrate Thomas' feast day on Thursday, the feast of St Thomas the Apostle

*Finish off our parish newsletter Heartbeat.

* Organise re agenda for parish council meeting

* Work at Kumon and at home! And laundry. And cooking. And cleaning.

*First Friday Mass

*Homeschool Teen group outing at Chinatown and Paddy's Markets. I'm buying a wig! Should I go blonde or black or??

* Attend a birthday party for a family friend and make trifle for same party. Karaoke!

*Morning tea at church, serving, music roster

*BBQ and friends at our house, for a farewell to Greg, as he heads off to the UK

*Finish watching the last episode of fracky Battlestar 1980 and continue with series one of the newer Battlestar Galactica

*Continue reading Splendour in the Ordinary - Making Your Home a Holy Place by Thomas Howard, Prince Caspian and the last Harry Potter book.

*Do my own Kumon maths and encourage kids to do the same...

I think that's it. I could be wrong .
Postscript ~ I also need to remember to phone dh's Dad, before he goes off on an overseas holiday. And send cards to two priests - one in remembrance of his ordination day, the other for a birthday. Don't forget Leonie!
Post Postscript ~ Dr Who, series 4, is on this week. Woo hoo!


Cindy said...

Wow,what a week you have planned!

Greg is off to the UK? I missed that... what is he up to?

Your books sound great. I have Spendor of the Home and need to pull that out again as I have not read it in years.

Have told boys about Battlestar Galactica and we are tired of Hawaii five-o so may look (by the way by the 4th season we found it getting tiresome and icky. I will define icky later if anyone wants)

Kumon sounds good.. etc. What birthday is this for your son?

How do you keep all the balls in the air..remember to do saint's days etc.. I have been pretty single minded with projects lately and hope to get back tomy usual multitask mode.

Hey, I am writing an article, too! :)

For workouts... are you looking for ideas? Did you ever look up dance, Zumba in your area? I wonder if they would have that on DVD. Also, you would love Body Combat.. but again I think it is only in live classes.

Thanks for the update.. I know I missed a ton of things you wrote as I can't see you post here in comments. So fun to hear about your life!

Leonie said...

Greg is going to the UK next week -initially for a holiday, if he finds work he will stay.

I think your boys would like the old BG - not great TV by today's standards but strangely addictive.

Alexander will be 17!!

Re saints days etc - I find I need to live by a To Do list and diary and look ahead a week or so at a time. Its the only way we can survive!

Thanks for workout ideas - I bought a new step workout with Christi taylor ( dance) and a kickbox one with the martial artist Gulliarmo Gullierz. But looking at recent photos, I am fat and flabby after six weks of just walking so probably need more weights, too - but not allowed to do ab work right now. :-(

HopewellMomSchool said...

Busy, busy! Find a moment to speed over to my blog and see the Grotto.....