Thursday, June 05, 2008

St Anthony of Padua

Feast Day June 13. Our parish is having weekday Masses and praying the
Novena, asking St Anthony for his intercession.

And our family has a special devotion to St Anthony - in dh's mother's family, all the males had Anthony as one of their names. To honour St Anthony. We have continued the tradition with our seven sons.

The study of St Anthony's life convinces us that the reason for his irresistible attraction to people everywhere must be sought in the absolute fidelity with which he proclaimed the Gospel, and in the courageous consistency with which he strove to embody its teachings. Pope John Paul II

Let all people contemplate St Anthony, this light of sanctity, in which the Catholic Church glories. Let them form their lives after his deeds and virtues. Pope Pius XI

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molly said...

I love that you honor St Anthony with your names. Thanks for the novena, we will be joining in praying.