Tuesday, September 25, 2007


We had some discussion on priests and on vocations to the priesthood. I found this quote to share with the kids ~ "He who honours a priest, honours Christ, and he who insults a priest, insults Christ." St. John Chrysostom

Makes one think, right?

We also began a novena honouring St Therese of Lisieux - and searched online for a novena in honour of St Francis of Assisi.

What is a novena ? Nine days of devotion, to obtain special graces.

Well, we need all the prayers and graces we can get, so praying these novena prayers will be good for us!

The kids wrote in their journals, reflecting on the months of August and September. Thomas and Anthony did some drawing and cartooning, using a few of our how to books as guides. Alexander searched for songs on Youtube - someone complained , I sang "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet" and this inspired his music search!

My workout was dance aerobics - Donna Richardson and Motown songs. Now, I'd never choose to listen to Motown but I will workout and sing along with this video workout! Can you see my shimmying in my family room? lol!

Maths and Latin, Kumon work for me, university work for Jonathon, then off to the Kumon Centre for work.

And time for a Numbers TV show episode tonight - probability and predictions.

Just another boring but happy day in unschooling!
P.S. The Today in in the post title was Monday - but this post appears on Tuesday as I am up late, surfing the internet. Oh, dear. guess who'll be tired this Tuesday???


Fr. Benedict M. said...

I'l have to remember that quote from St. John Chrysostom! *{]:)

Leonie said...

Definitely - can we post it somewhere visible??? :-)