Thursday, September 06, 2007

In Which I Ramble About Our Week...

A random post, with random thoughts of our week so far... Very random!

1. The boys' Father's Day card for Gerry. Great advice, don't you think? ( The front says Go Ask Your Mother! Inside, the comment is -Happy Father's day to a Dad who always gave great advice!).

2. Had a lazy morning at home on Monday, I needed to rest because I had the flu. Went to work at Kumon, Anthony went to a friend's house, and the cold and flu tablets kicked in. Oh, and a friend commented on our Margarita Party - we had before pics but no after? Well, do you really want to see what homeschooling mothers look like after many margaritas??

3. Was woken up at 6. 30 am on Tuesday with an aggressive, yelling neighbour.Woah! Anthony and Thomas deliver the newspapers on Tuesday and their shipment of papers was delivered to the neighbour's driveway. He was ordering me to come down in my pjs and to look at the mess. As if! He was mad~! I refused but woke the kids and had them move the papers...I think this will be the last week of newspaper delivery, its not worth a repeat of this aggressive neighbour incident!

4.Jonathon and I helped a friend unpack from a recent move, a marriage split. Reminded us of our many moves!
(But no marriage splits..).

5. We spent some time discussing APEC and politics and demonstrations and security measures/terrorism. A great link for APEC educational resources.

6.We also read about Blessed Teresa of Calcutta, her feast day was Wednesday. We thought of eating Indian food on that day - but we had Indian on Father's Day and didn't want a repeat! Instead, Thomas made Beef in Red Wine - yum! Why is it that no one would eat my Crockpot Beef Casserole on Tuesday but everyone ate Thomas' Beef in Red Wine on Wednesday??

7. CAFE in our parish, on Wednesday night, was about the teaching authority of the Church, about the Papacy and building a culture of love and of Truth. A very lively discussion ensued, so we were home later than usual - but just in time to watch another espisode of the TV series Numbers. We discussed the Markov Principle .

8. We found Luke's name on Wikipedia. Luke is our eldest son...

9. I read a pamphlet by Anna Krohn, titled "The Feminine Genius", which quotes Woman by Edith Stein ( Bl. Teresa Benedicta). I like the writings of Edith Stein -and, like this quote, today ~
"But especially needed are faith in one's own being and courage regarding it, as well as faith in one's individual calling to definite personal activities and a ready willingness to follow this call."

10. We have shared some of Pope Benedict XVI's thoughts on finding God ~ the Pope explained how it is possible to see God.

'Before all, the Pontiff said, "the beauty of creation is one of the sources in which we can touch the beauty of God, we can see that the Creator exists and is good, that it is true what sacred Scripture says in the creation account."

Second, he explained, it is possible to perceive the divine presence "listening to the word of God in the great liturgical celebrations, in the great music of faith."

Benedict XVI then told the story of a woman who converted to Christianity after having listened to the music of Bach, Handel and Mozart.

Third, the Pope told the assembly of youth, one can discover God through "personal dialogue with Christ."

"He doesn't always respond, but there are moments in which he really responds," the Pontiff said.

A last way of discovering God, according to the Holy Father, is "friendship, companionship in the faith." ' (

10. Alexander made a Banana cake, a first for him; and Jonathon helped out with Catechist classes at a local school with one of the Friars from our parish. He said the kids were naughty as!

Today is Kumon at the centre ( people from head office visiting!) and Kumon work at home for me , perhaps some Latin for the kids...We'll see.... Eggs for dinner...Gerry is back tomorrow evening and tomorrow is Homeschool Teen Group ( movies and lunch) and grocery shopping and odd jobs/work at home. I am doing a presentation at a Kumon meeting next week so will need to work on that on Friday...


Karen E. said...

Not rambling ... more like very pleasant chatting. All we need is a cup of coffee. :-)

Leonie said...

Now, that would be fun! I'll have tea!

Moonlight in Vermont said...

Loved it. Are you really so busy when sick?

Leonie said...

You should see our non sick weeks! lol!

Cindy said...

Neat Leonie.. so cool about Luke on Wikipedia. I will show the boys.

Leonie said...

How are you, Cndy? Been missing you at your blog this week!