Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Feast of the Archangels

Yesterday was the Feast of the Archangels.

St Michael, St Gabriel, St Raphael.

What did we do?

We began the day with Mass, Reconciliation, then breakfast at Mc Donalds, in celebration. The kids had various activities and parties to attend, we did odd jobs and closed the day by seeing the movie Rush Hour 3 in the early evening.

Pizza and then our traditional dessert for this feast - Devil's Food Cake. To remember that St Michael cast the devil into hell.

This year, the cake was made by Jonathon and friend. We and our visitors enjoyed the cake, a great way to remember this feast!

Oh, and my dh is home, after being away for September for work. He bought me a gift - a perpetual calendar, with the title above ~ You Say I'm a B#%h Like its a Bad Thing!
A motto for every day - today's is most applicable. Or so say my sons and dh .
I understand the concept of cooking and cleaning, just not as it applies to me.

Well, true, I guess. Except I am in housewifey mode lately. Even searched for my copy of Speed Cleaning, a book gift , given to me last year ( in jest? ). Found it hidden in the pantry..

I read the book, looking for ways to remove rust from our carpet - found you needed CLR. What the !!?? What is CLR?

The Glossary told me it stood for Calcium-Lime-Rust and could be purchased at the supermarket.

I bought it today and also ended up buying several other nifty cleaning things - who knew that the cleaning aisle in the supermarket could be fun to shop!

And, yes the CLR, removed the rust.

Happy Feast Day!


Rachel said...


I love that you made a devil's food cake for the Fst of the Archangles. What a great idea. I am so stealing that from you. My oldest (Andrew, 17) is drumming right now, and I really need to make dinner. I just had to write and tell you I thought it was interesting the commonalities we share, esp music and tv shows. I'm an 80's New Wave girl (well, I'm 41 so I'm no 'girl'...HA!) BTW, the Dr. Who that we love is the current one with David Tennant (I think he is adorable!)

florasita rox sticklady mum :-) said...

lol Leonie I am so glad to be back
I just started to chuckle when I read about your quick cleaning book stuck in the pantry
I just went on my library list and saw turbo jam & un requested it because I had to say " roxie you are not Leonie " lol
I was just on Dawn's bloggy blog and thanked her because I cannot visit many blogs they seem not real to me .
You are a real mum in a real life ;-) I thank God for all of you
Much Love to You & family

Leonie said...

David T is cute. :-) Hey, Rachel - we love new wave and also the new Dr Who. Just finished the 2007 series.....

Roxie, let me know how you like Turbo Jam - I love blogs and blogging, getting a glimpse of people's lives and gaining new ideas.....

Jennifer said...

I've seen that calendar, hilarious! My sis and I were roaring with laughter in the bookstore.

HopewellMomSchool said...

Gotta have that B*t9* comment for my blog! I remember a bumper sticker that read "Beyond B=$ch" many years ago.
You keep making me envious of the cool stuff my kids miss by being locked away in a warehouse, sorry, PUBLIC SCHOOL, all day!

Leonie said...

Jennifer, I've been lol-ing over some of the entries - removed 4 before my kids saw those! :-0

Lisa, glad you love the comment. And take heart from the fact that you and your kids do interesting stuff together after school....

Cindy said...

You are doing so great remembering all the fesat days.. I think about it, then forget... ! Great ideas, thank you.

Yes, I get in housewifey mode, too.. glad you found the CLR. I had a similar thing with toliet gunk- actually our water minerals were turning the bowl yellow nothing could remove it, and it looked, well ikcy.

then I found The Works. Wow.
Probably full of Global Warming Causing Chemicals, but my bowls sparkle! lol

Leonie said...

lol! I understtnd re the chemical thing - but it sometimes works so well! I bought something called BAM for the showers, haven't used it yet...WRT remembering saints days - at the start of each month I look ahead and pick a few saints to look at more closely. We have our saints book on display in the dining/family room for reading every few days. I look at some activities at the start of the month - the book A Continual Feast and the Catholic Culture website are good resources. I write this in my diary, like an appt. And then we play it by ear....