Thursday, September 20, 2007

Our Lady and Notebooks

I have often toyed with the idea of keeping a notebook or lapbook or something similar, on the theme of Our Lady.
Adding to it throughout the liturgical year.

My thoughts never became action. That is, not until our little Catholic homeschool group met for the Feast of the Assumption. My turn to plan an activity.
We discussed the Assumption of Our Lady and prayed the Litany of Our Lady.. I gave each child a coloured file folder and some sheets to insert - the beginnings of the notebook.

The idea is to add some writing and/or artwork to the folder, throughout the year, as we celebrate the different Feasts of Our Lady.

Religion, Art, Reading, Writing, Discussion/Language Skills - and, perhaps, sometimes, Group or Collaborative Work.
And, most of all ~ a nice keepsake . As we learn about and honour the Blessed Mother.
On Wednesday, the boys added an entry to their notebooks - their choice, something on either the Holy Name of Mary or on Our Lady of Sorrows. We read and shared their entries.
Some entries are hand written and hand drawn, others are produced at the computer.
~ Ad Majorum Dei Gloriam ~

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