Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Are you Gonna Blog This???

Cindy talks about this comment in her recent post. After she completed a craft, one of her kids asked if a pic was going on the blog.

Of course!

We blog, therefore we are. :-)

I get the same comments. Every time we do something, make something, go somewhere, take a photo - someone asks -"Is this going on the blog?".

Even Fr. asked that last night - he made a comment, something like "forgetting that there were kids who didn't go to school, who were home during the day" ( forgetting we wonderful homeschoolers?? Huh!) .

Then Fr. laughed and said "This will probably go on the blog!".

Well, yes, it did. lol!

We blog our life - not everything but just what seems appropriate at the time.

The small details, the big concerns, our thoughts and opinions, the sharing of activities and ideas..parts of our lives...

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