Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Irony of Blogging

Why is it that when one blogs on a particular virtue, one finds that this virtue is harder to practice? That the day of blogging deteriorates.

You know, you blog on enjoying workouts then can't easily get out of bed the next day to start an early morning workout.

You blog on cool homeschooling activities and end up spending the day cleaning or watching movies.

Yesterday, I blogged on "Saying Yes." Something I was thinking about in response to a thread at the 4 Real Learning message boards.

And yesterday, I ended up being a b#%&* to my kids.


After a great morning of organizing bedrooms with the kids and doing some written work and spending time together - well, I yelled , when we were rushing to go to Catholic Homeschoolers and to pick up some Kumon folders on the way. We were late as usual!

I was stressed when the kids inadvertantly locked us out of the house - with the car keys inside, I was taking the kids on my way to drop off forms for WYD Homestay and to do a house inspection for this progamme. We had to break into the house! I yelled again. I had a lot of dropping off and picking up of kids to do, spent a a lot of time on the car....

The younger kids' silliness irked me. The 18 year old's grumpiness and complaining bugged me. The arguing 14 year old drove me mad ( okay, I know this is the Rhetoric stage but still!). The fidgeting at Mass last night made me want to scream - I kept thinking, is it okay to scream in Mass??

Dh is away and when he rang last night I really couldn't let off steam - I did not want to give him a litany of my woes - he needs to be concentrating on his course and not on my pettyness

Because that is what it was - pettyness. Getting cross over dumb things. Over little things.

I should have taken my own advice, smiled more, prayed more, said yes more.

Going to the St Anthony Mass helped. Talking to people at Catholic Homeschoolers and after Mass helped.

And I realize that I've had late nights, like last night, since I have work at home to do, and early mornings taking Jonathon to work to start at 6.00 a.m. And busy days. So, some sleep would not go astray, either!

Well, off to a busy day today ( Up at 5.30 a.m., Mass, I'm presenting at a Kumon Meeting, kids are shopping, J is working) and I'll workout this afternoon...before CAFE.

And I will be very careful about blogging from now on - it is almost prophetic, blog and share the good times and your day will fall apart! lol!

At least, blogging keeps one both humble and honest.


Ruth said...

Boy, that's happened to me many times, not much with blogging, but talking too much : ) Great post!

Linda said...

nice observation with a lot of truthfullness.

Susan <> said...

Ya mean it isn't just me that this happens to?

Yep, it happens regularly on my blog and in my life. I blog about something and lo and behold, the next day will almost be opposite! Which makes it hard to define our days or our homeschooling life in words that others want to hear or can understand. Life just is life! Homeschooling is life! All of it.

Bless you Leonie,

Leonie said...

Susan, you are so right - life happens and homeschoolng is life. Good and bad - we might think we have something down pat and then Wham! God gives us another lesson...I've had a few this week, not just with homeschooling and parenting. Ouch. Thought I was doing ok and was a fairly nice person then things have happened and my reactions mke me realize that I still have a lot of things to work on. A long way to go, with God's grace!

Ruth and Linda, so glad you understand!

Karen E. said...

That is so true -- both the example and the fact that blogging keeps us humble and honest. :-)

karen s. said...

Leonie, this past Tuesday, I got crabby with the kids while placing a grocery order on line. (funny, I rarely go to the store these days) Later while apologizing, my ds8 told me I needed to be better at scheduling my time, so I don't get upset...LOL

Leonie said...

Karen S - too funny!

Cindy said...

Yup... that happens to me, too.

Maybe I should blog about what a horrible parent I am and then I would end up being a grest one! lol

Leonie said...

Sounds good to me, Cindy!!

Surprised by Joy said...

LOve it Leonie, so nice to know we are amoung other humans!!!


Leonie said...

Well, you definitely are among other imperfect humans here - gosh, I could write reams about my parenting imperfections! :-)