Thursday, September 13, 2007

Bits of trivia

More family trivia? :-)

Thomas completed the Kumon English programme on Tuesday, the equivalent of year 12 English texts. He was on target for his personal goal of finishing the programme by the end of September - well, he was even earlier and beat his goal~!

I don't make my kids do Kumon - since I am a Supervisor they can do the programme for free. I let them make a choice as to whether to study through Kumon or not, or to do one subject or two...Thomas was doing both but is now doing just Maths, since he finished English. Jonathon and Alexnder have also finished the English progamme in previous years and Alexander has a target to complete the Maths programme...Anny is working on being an English completer, too!

And today was a sunny morning , so Alexander mowed the lawn and then we all went to a local art exhibition. Very interesting. I snapped a pic of three of the kids outside the Council Chambers, where the exhibition was held.


Moonlight in Vermont said...

I love it that the kids are ahead of THEIR goals. And it looks like a wonderful day out!

Leonie said...

Yes, its cool when kids meet or beat their goals!