Wednesday, June 20, 2007

You didn't have them all together?

Tonight Gerry and I had a meeting with a financial advisor. Just organizing a few things.

This guy is our new advisor, here in Sydney.

He asked about children - how many total, how many dependents. I said 7 boys.

"You didn't have them all together?" he asked.

I looked blank.

"Some are from Gerry's first marriage, right?" he continued.

I was startled. I forgot that it can seem weird to some people, that yes, Gerry has 7 children but, yes, he has only been married once and, yes, I gave birth to all 7; I am the mother of all 7; that we are not a blended family... Not that there is something bad about a blended family but it is comical to find that a large family is assumed to be a blended family. To be told that I don't look or act like a mother of a large family ( how am I supposed to act, btw? lol!).

The advisor took some convincing.

Then asked if were "good Catholics".

I had to laugh.


Cindy said...

Ha ha.. funny story Leonie!

I would say your financial advisor is a bit nosey! lol Here in the US one would probably be sued for asking such questions...

That is funny, though, and yes large families are a rarety here, too. The other day after Mass on Father's Day our pastor pointed out one of a very few large families we have (7 kids) and people gasped (in a nice way. :))

I have noticed that at the Y as I meet new people outside my homeschooling or Catholic world- often though, it will be a family with one or two older kids.. then one or two youngers. It never crossed my mind when I met them that they were blended (as my neigbors are fairly secular and the had 2 kids, then another 13 years later...)

But, so far they are all blended. Also the rate of divorced/remarried people I am meeting is running way over 50%.

Well, glad you straightened him out.. and no you are not the stereotype of a mom to lots of little chicks... they are probably thinking a worn down house mum! You have zest! :)

Ruth said...

That is funny. I'm amazed at hot starngers feel they can ask, or say anything regarding family size. ARGHH

Leonie said...

Interesting to read your experiences, Cindy.

Ruth, its true, people are so funny - its probably good that he didn't ask about what schools the kids go to! lol!

Fr Benedict M. said...

Interesting how our western world perceives such "anomalies"!!! Good Catholics simply because you have 7 children... you should've said, Good Catholics, yes, because we believe, go to Mass and pray! see you soon :)

Leonie said...

I know, Fr good Catholics because of family size??? But I had to laugh, he was inadvertantly funny. Have a safe journey!

Beate said...

LOL - I've answered "Well, not all at the same TIME!!"

Leonie said...

:-) Beate - that is what I thought he meant at first! lol!