Saturday, June 02, 2007

A spare day.

On Friday, I had a spare day.

What do I mean by a spare day?

A day which unexpectedly has nothing planned.

I was booked for surgery but, due to a hospital mix up, the surgery was postponed until next Friday.

What to do? We'd cleared our schedule , in order to make this day free for hospital.

Wanna know what I did? Poor dh had to go to work. :-(

But I?

Well, I went to Mass with the kids - First Friday, nice to be able to fit in Mass. We normally attend First Friday Mass but I was going to have to give it a miss 'cos of the hospital.

Then the kids and I had a game of basketball, on our driveway.

And we cleaned out the toy cupboard and the linen cupboard.

Took everyone out for lunch.

Wrote in my journal.

Did lots of reading at night, while the teens were at youth group and while Gerry did his uni assignment and while Anthony read his novel - I finished The Shadow of His Wings, a story of a Franciscan seminarian conscripted into the Nazi army in WW2. Great book - I want some of the kids to read it next; it was a birthday present for Jonathon from a priest friend.

Also re-read The Do-able Diet - I love reading books of real life weight loss and fitness stories!

So the spare day was a gift, even if I felt out of sorts at first, because of having to wait another week for surgery. I'm sure that God has His plans. :-)


Ladybug Mommy Maria said...

More time to pray for you, dear friend!

Sounds like a nice day - I forgot, you're in Fall now - neat to see the sweaters!

Leonie said...

Yes, its definitely getting chillier here!

Beate said...

Basketball looks like fun :-) We just packed up the last of the long-sleeved things yesterday. It's a bit late for that here, but thankfully we've had a cooler than normal spring ;-) Now, however, we're well into the 90's.

Anne (aussieannie) said...

Best laid plans often go they say.

As Maria said, more prayers offered and we will continue to.

I have that book you have mentioned, of the priest in WWII, I'm insatiably in reading mode at present, I'll have to grab mine out..

Leonie said...

Beate - we've just been getting out some long sleeved stuff! lol!

Anne - thanks for the rose petal. I sent you a holy card in the mail. :-) And i think you'd love the book. I'm hoping to re-read Belles on Their Toes and A Fortunate Life this month - and have ordered the Pope's new book...