Sunday, June 17, 2007

Bridge to Terabithia

Last night , Anthony (youngest son), Gerry ( dh) and I saw the film Bridge to Terabithia . The film is based on the children's book by author Katherine Patterson.

Paterson writes ~ I think it was Lewis who said something like: "The book cannot be what the writer is not." What you are will shape your book whether you want it to or not. I am Christian, so that conviction will pervade the book even when I make no conscious effort to teach or preach. Grace and hope will inform everything I write.

We loved the film. We laughed, we cried ( well, I cried), we enjoyed.

Although we have read the novel, watching the film has inspired me to read the book again.

And I have followed a little rabbit trail ~ perhaps we can have some Terabithian inspired homeschool time?
Movie website ~ with teacher activities
study guide for the book
Check out Paterson's website, and her other books..


Cindy said...

This movie sounds neat Leonie!
I like what Peterson said. It reminds me of Tolkien who claimed LOTR was not an allegory. Any Christain themes came just from who he is and what he beleived and it was not written to 'prove' the Christian point... :)

Faith said...

My 12 yo absolutely adored this book and he said the movie was true to the book.

thanks for the links. I think I'll show them to my ds.

Leonie said...

Cindy - there is another interesting article with Paterson in Christianity Today -

Faith, the movie is produced by the same people ( Walden Media) who did The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe. Hope your ds likes the links!

Susan <> said...

Thanks for the links! We're (the boys and I) starting that book today.

Leonie said...

Hope you enjoy it and hope you get a chance to see the movie, Susan,

Anne (aussieannie) said...

Saw the trailer for this movie recently and it looked really interesting...hope to see it soon.

BTW: thanks for the St Lucy card! I've been praying for a Lucy recently and also a few eye complaints including my 2year old who threw dirt in his eye!

Beate said...

Dh and I watched this movie on a recent plane trip...I plan on watching it with the older girls this summer. I thought the discussion in the back of the truck about religion would be an awesome springboard :-) I hope you're feeling better Leonie!

Ladybug Mommy Maria said...

Thanks for the positive recommendation!

I keep meaning to get the book from the library - off to put it on hold now!

Hope you're feeling better!

Leonie said...

I think you'd all enjoy the book - I finished my re-read last night, in bed!

Fr. Benedict M. said...

I believe BTT is one of the films I'll be seeing on the long flight home.. looking forward to it! i.e. the film and coming home.. God bless
ps: prayed for you all at the tombs of the Popes (as many as I could get in front of!!!)

Leonie said...

Hope you enjoy the film - have tissues handy!! Thank you SO much for prayers. It sounds like a blessed trip, Fr.

Cindy said...

I just watched this Leonie and bawled like a baby all through the end!

Leonie said...

Hope you liked it Cindy - its now one of my fave kids movies ( with Because of Winn Dixie and Tuck Everlastin and Holes..and I Capture the Castle)