Thursday, June 28, 2007

Kids' blogs

Check out some of our kids' blogs ~

Anthony on St Cyril of Alexandria

Thomas shares his Latin vocabulary for this week

And Alexander blogged his translation of De Profundus
(Psalm 129).


Mary G said...


I'm catching up on all the blogs I LOVE to visit... so glad the surgery went well, your dh knows how to clown with the kids, and your boys are really something to be proud of!

It always makes me sad when I visit your blog -- how come you can't live down the street so we can meet everyday for coffee or tea??????

Blessings dear!

Ladybug Mommy Maria said...

What a wonderful photo of you all!

Alice Gunther said...

Great blogs and work!

Ruth said...

Leonie. You have a beautiful family! Very handsome boys : )

Leonie said...

Thanks for comments, everyone - hope all of you in the US are enjoyin your summer!

Cindy said...

Loved the blogs, boys!

Great pictures Leonie.

I dreamed about the Westenburg family last night.... Luke was cracking jokes. lol

Leonie said...

That sounds like Luke....