Monday, June 04, 2007

St Gorg Preca

Yesterday was Trinity Sunday and also the canonization of
St Gorg Preca, a Maltese Saint.

We have a new stained glass window in our parish church, a memorial of St Gorg. Our parish has a large Maltese community.This stained glass window, along with another stained glass window representing St Michael, was blessed yesterday by the Bishop.

Our family helped organize the morning tea with the Bishop, after the Mass. I took along mud cakes, but didn't get to try any, what with making sure teas and coffees were served and with all the little things one does at morning teas and at the clean up afterwards - at least I saved those calories! lol! And got to talk to many people...There was an abundance of food, much of the leftovers being taken home by another family with several children. They'll feast this week! :-)

A lovely morning, Thomas and Anthony served at Mass and we had incense at Mass. I love incense!

St Gorg Preca was known by one of the older priests at the friary here. The Saint had a secial ministry for young people and set up The Society for Christian Doctrine, encouraging lay people to be catechists. This was, apparently, unheard of at the time ( 1907).

Here is a prayer , for private use and asking for the Saint's intercession


Lord God, You granted countless favours to Blessed George Preca, choosing him as a most faithful instrument in founding the Society of Christian Doctrine, grant that I also may learn to turn all circumstances and events of my life into opportunities to love You and to serve the Church, and all humanity with joy and simplicity, lighting up the corners of the earth with faith, hope and love.
Deign to glorify your Servant Don George and, if it is according to your will, grant me through his intercession the favour I request ....... (here make your petition). Through Jesus Christ Our Lord. Amen.


Fr. Benedict M. said...

I am so glad the quality of our Liturgies isn't suffering in my absence!!!!

Leonie said...

Well, you don't want to hear about the Outreach Mass, Fr. Just ask Br Jack!!

Fr. Benedict M. said...

oh no... better off here in Assisi, the Liturgies are very beautiful, very solemn, and that is just the weekday Masses!!!

Leonie said...

I'm envious - but we are in the middle of the St Anthony novena and that is always good....

fr. benedict m. said...

speaking of St. Anthony, I'll be there (in Padua) for the feast on June 13, and will remember you all at his tomb... that's if I can get close enough with the 1000s of pilgrims who'll be there as well!!! ;)

Leonie said...

Thank you Fr - sounds cool - and then Mass with the Pope! We've been checking the pics at the website.

BTW, Dr Who starts back on June 28. :-)