Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Renewable Energy

A few weeks, ago, I was the co-ordinator at Homeschool Group Learning, for a session on Renewable Energy.

I found some lesson plans ( here and here ) and we adapted a few of the ideas and activities for the session.

In the ensuing weeks, Anthony has been working through a couple of the extra activities, off and on, here and there.

Today was an energy relay race. We enlisted some of his brothers to help.

I had saved some styrofoam packing peanuts from a recent package delivery. These peanuts represented energy.

I was the sun - I scooped up as much energy as I could and ran to the plant ( Alexander). Then Anthony ( the herbivore) ran to Alexander and energy was transferred. Finally, the carnivore ( Thomas) also scooped some energy - this time from Anthony.

See how small the energy pile was at the end? This demonstrated that energy can be transferred but that, with each transfer of energy, there is some energy lost ( or used elsewhere - e.g in staying alive).

A fun activity for a cold and chilly morning - the running certainly helped us feel warm.

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