Monday, March 12, 2007

Vocation of motherhood.

Twenty six years ago I became a mother. I undertook the vocation
of marriage and motherhood without a blink. I barely thought about it. I certainly didn't pray about it. I was young. I was a non Catholic.

However, I have tried my best in my vocation. I have tried to learn and grow and trust in God's grace. To the best of my ability.

But I never knew it would be hard. Hard to discern what is right.

Why do I write this now? Dealing with some issues over teen sons, girls, text messages, email. "Young love".What is the best thing to do, to allow?

My dh's reaction is to get angry. My reaction is to talk both my dh and my kids to death.

But we'll pray. And I'll definitely work at being a better example of Christianity myself. Often I am a crappy example. :-(

I didn't know what I was getting into, all those years ago! :-)

And why do I share this on the blog? Well, I don't really know. Except that it helps me to write, to sort it out. And I really want to share with my friends not just the joys but also the struggles of a homeschooler's life.

I hope the honesty helps us all. No, we are not perfect and I would be wrong to only share the positives here.

Nope. Here we are, warts and all. Working on things with God's help.

Let's pray for each other in our vocations.


Willa said...

You are so right, Leonie. Glad we can share the journey -- on opposite hemispheres!

Leonie said...


Ladybug Mommy Maria said...

I'll remember you and your's at Mass tonight, Leonie!

Leonie said...

Thanks, Maria - I have prayed for the soul of your dh's grandmother, at Mass last night...

Karen E. said...

Oh, praying for you, Leonie. We're just entering the teen years, and I'm so grateful to have friends (all over the globe) to share with through these years ....

Beate said...

Praying with you....having dh's young adult son recently move in with us I can relate. I'm all for talking to death - but am fearful of pushing him away. I gave him a Christopher West book for Christmas, but I'm doing most of the reading :-/ Okay, so that brings us back to the talking ;-)

Leonie said...

Karen, I love teens, but there is always new territory to chart. :-)

Beate - you and I sound similar!Good luck - I'll keep you in prayers. Which Christopher West book, btw, and is it any good?