Sunday, March 11, 2007

So, what can your kids quote?

Catholic Mommas have enrolled in the tomatosphere project.

So have we!

But Catholic Mommas wonder - will this idea take? Apparently, Shakespeare was a flop, but their kids can sure quote Hank the Cowdog!

Can you relate?

I found last night that my kids could not define irony or grace or Polycarp. Or ???

Fr. asked them questions and they failed dismally.

But they can quote books/literature, pop music and movies.

Maybe we need to re-think our unschooling. :-)


Beate said...

Okay, I knew irony and grace, but Polycarp? I guessed many fingers ;-) and then looked it (him apparently) up. A student of St. John and martyr. Tell Father that I learned something thanks to his questions today :-)

Susan said...

Oh dear, I'm afraid that if I wrote down all that my children quote from, I'd be disassociated from the homeschooling community or labelled a heretic or heathen.

Hmmmm, my girls can define grace but they do much better in the understanding and living IN it than defining it.

Mind you, I don't even know who Hank the Cowdog is???


lapazfarm said...

The single most often quoted source around here: "The Princess Bride." We do have standards, after all!LOL!

Leonie said...

Beate - I'll tell Fr. :-)

Susan - I'm not sure about Hank the Cowdog either - an American thing??

And Theresa - we love The Princess Bride - the book and the movie. Well, the youngest hasn't read the book yet ( some unsuitable things. :-) ).

Cindy said...

Oh, but Leonie.. think that all they DO know! And they can think, explore, relate and talk to adults. I think your unschooling sounds like it has done pretty well. :)

But new ideas are always great. You are wonderful at researching and finding them... can't tell you how you have inspired me over the years!

I sometimes think about content... but then realize that a lot of the content might be forgotton by young adult hood... though it is nice to plant seeds and help them talk off on things they do click with. But they are learning how to learn, which isn't a bad trade off for not getting each question right now. I think!

Beate said...

LOL - Sabine's dc and my older girls love the Princess Bride. Last year, my nephew liked responding, "As you wish," to requests from his momma ;-) As for Hank, he's hilarious, esp. when read by the author. Leonie, we'll have to round up a favorite and pass it along.

Cindy said...

p.s. I love Hank the Cowdog and he was a big part of our life for 4 years or so... and has just added to the tapestry of life. They know about West Texas because of Hank, and that is where I went to college so tell them stories about tumbleweeds and dust storms..

everything is learning... everything relates.. but there is nothing wrong with a bit of Shakespere or CS Lewis to mix in with the Hank moments... :)

Cindy said...

My boys love Princess Bride and quote it a lot. Now when they watch it they stop when Viccini (the short bald guy) dies. He is their favorite.... it gets boring after that compared to them.

Oh, they also like the other two guys with him... (I just heard)..

I heard a quote the other day from the boys..

"Ever heard of Plato? Aristotle? Morons."
- Vicinni

(then we talked about why they aren't.)

Leonie said...

Oh, all these Princess Bride fans! My kids love the bit at the end - "Mawwige ( Marriage)". :-)

Love to see Hank.....and I guess there is something my kids know. Maybe? :-)

They do like learning and reading and talking...Its just kinda funny (and embarrassing for the homeschooling mother :-)) to see them be so honest about that which they don't know. I told them they should fake it - esp when a priest is around. lol!

They never went to school so never learned to fake it. I did! (roflol)

Cindy said...

I hear you, Leonie... my boys don't try and fake it either. I try and make sure they don't feel out of it.. when they hear their friend talk about school work and projects.. but I try and draw out what they DO know... though he is reading shakespeare, we read other things. :)

But, maybe it is good they are deveoping those masks... of pretneding? I sure got good at it as a kid/teen/young adult...

Cindy said...

Oops.. forgot a "Not" in my last little comment!
Did you notice? lol

"But, maybe it is good they are ((NOT)) deveoping those masks... of pretending"

Leonie said...

Who knows??? lol!