Thursday, March 08, 2007

Anthony cooking breakfast.

Anthony decided that he wanted pancakes for breakfast this morning and asked me how to make pancakes. I dictated the recipe for his diary and then he set off to make pancakes for himself and for one or two of his brothers.

A good Lenten breakfast??


Ruth said...

What a sweet boy! My girls make pancakes almost every day : ) Yum!

Leonie said...

Hey, your girls are good!

The kids enjoyed the pancakes - I'm off to have a late muesli breakfast, myself!

Ladybug Mommy Maria said...

Great job!

Anytime someone else cooks is goof for me! :-)

Leonie said...

I must admit to having only cooked once this week - what with take away and kids who like cooking! :-)However, the meal I did cook was for a visiting priest, and it actually turned out nice. lol!

Cindy said...

Yum! Pancakes are a favorite here, too. What a great chef you have!