Tuesday, March 06, 2007

March Bulletin Board.

And what we are doing in March.

Gerry and I have birthdays ( 21 again, of course!). So there are some pics from the past...

I am going to a work conference in Queensland and Gerry and the boys are coming, too, for a holiday. We'll celebrate Gerry's birthday while we are away. Hence the map of Queensland.

Our artist of the month is William Bouguereau.

Stations of the Cross in our parish continues and the mini symbols of the Stations is a visual reminder. We attend each Friday evening.
We are watching the Stargate series ( Jonathon was given Volumes 1-4 for his birthday) and also the TV series Numbers. I have a super maths curriculum for this TV show.

Finally, a prayer of St Patrick and a Litany of St Joseph , for their Feast Days this month.

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