Monday, March 19, 2007

Bonds and the Theology of the Body

The Bonds Company has a new service - design your own undies!

They will take your design and send it to you, for $AUS39.95, including postage.
Sounds like fun but a tad expensive.

Still, I am addicted to Bonds underwear - they are very durable. I always buy Bonds for the kids. And I have a passion right now for their new, groovy women's range - makes me feel feminine. Lost of bright pinks, lime greens, gorgeous purples, funky 60s style flowers, matching sets.....

What makes a woman feel feminine? Obviously pretty underwear for me. :-)

But there is more to it than that. I have been reading some of The Theology of the Body ~ Pope John Paul II. Human Love in the Divine Plan.

When the Pope spoke of of love, he did not speak only of a theology of the body, but of a theology of sex: "The theology of the body becomes also, in a sense, a theology of sex, or rather, a theology of masculinity and femininity".

Pope John Paul II continues ~ "In fact, how indispensable is thorough knowledge of the meaning of the body, in its masculinity and femininity, along the way of this vocation [ of marriage] ! How necessary is a precise awareness of the nuptial meaning of the body, of its generative meaning - since all that which forms the content of the life of married couples must constantly find its full and personal dimension in life together, in behavior, in feelings!"

The Eucharist and Penance are the "infallible and indispensable" means, said the Pope, "for forming the Christian spirituality of married life and family life". With these, that essential and spiritual creative ‘power' of love reaches human hearts and, at the same time, human bodies.... This love allows the building of the whole life of the married couple according to that ‘truth of the sign,' by means of which marriage is built up in its sacramental dignity".

The sacrament of marriage emphasizes our equality but also our masculinity and femininity ...


Beate said...

Okay, now that is just weird!! Sabine and I are mulling about a TOB post for our Xanga - we've been reading Christopher West and Popcak, and here you are....are you reading minds again? :-) I'll have to check out the undies, btw, durable for the dc sounds good....not to mention my youngest still likes showing hers off - at Mass today :-/ - oh my!!

Leonie said...

That is weird - GMTA? :-0

Love to read your post. Haven't read any of West (yet) but am enjoying the reading and thinking about TOB. Look forward to your post...and lol! about your dd. I wore ( Bonds) bright green matching underwear for the feast of St Patrick - no one could see them but the thought was there! And, no,unlike your dd, I didn't show them off at Mass. roflol!

Beate said...

I'm sure father was relieved - lololol! Margaret was rolling about on the pew and when one of her sis's tried pulling down her dress she said loudly: "It doesn't go like that!!!" My oldest dd is at the point were that type of thing is excruciatingly embarrasing, poor thing!

Leonie said...

Oh, dear, younger sisters ( and brothers) can be embarrassing - but oh, so cute! :-)