Tuesday, February 06, 2007

A Typical Homeschool Morning.

Thomas ( son number 6) has written a narrative on how, yesterday, he spent his homeschool morning.

It is interesting to read a "typical homeschool morning" from a young teen's perspective.

If you'd like a peek, you can read at Thomas' blog.
Here's Thomas curled up on the sofa enjoying a book - I caught him before he realised that the camera was out!


Mary G said...

Leonie -- your Thomas sounds like mine (only mine is a bit younger) but fanatic about computer games too. I really liked Thomas' narrative -- especially the beginning of the end and the end of the end parts.

You are justly proud of your boys, Leonie!

Beate said...

Tell Thomas thanks for starting my day off with a smile! It sounds like a productive day - and good luck getting the ammo back ;-)

Jennifer said...

Like Mary G, I'm really groovin' on Thomas' intro and ending. A job well done!

Ladybug Mommy Maria said...

What a great day!

And Leonie, what a wonderful author you have there!

Leonie said...

Thanks everyone - its an unedited piece but it is pure Thomas - and we thought it was fun to see a kid's POV of a homeschool morning.Thomas turned 14 not that long ago...

Susan said...

Very cool :-)

You asked if I was using anything in particular with Bek to encourage her composition skills. We're just going to work through Writer's Inc. I may pull a few things out of "Skills for Literary Analysis" by Stobaugh as well, once we have done some more writing.

Nothing too exciting...just want to get the job done! ~LOL~

Leonie said...

Hi Susan,

Jonathon often refers to Writer's Inc when doing his uni assignments - it is a very helpful resource, isn't it?

The only book we have by Stobaugh is the Christian Guide to the SAT - a nice reading list there.