Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Fourteen Holy Helpers

A few years ago ( well, actually about ten years ago!), I remember reading about the Fourteen Holy Helpers.

Just as we ask others to pray for us, so we can ask these saints to intercede for us. These particular saints are helpful intercessors , especially during times of adversity, sickness and peril.

Today, I asked Alexander to do some research on The Fourteen Holy Helpers and he also wrote up a list. Here it is as a reminder ~ for me ~ and the list is on the refrigerator as a reminder for all.

The Fourteen Holy Helpers

The Fourteen Holy Helpers are invoked as follows;

Achatius, against headaches.

Barbara, against lightning, fire, explosion and sudden

Blaise, against diseases of the throat.

Catherine, by philosophers, students and lawyers.

Christopher, by travellers.

Cyriacus, against maladies of the eye.

Denis, against headaches and rabies.

Erasmus, against cramp and diseases of the intestines.

Eustace, by hunters and sometimes to save us from fire of all kinds, including eternal fire.

George, by soldiers and sometimes against skin diseases.

Giles, against epilepsy, insanity, sterility and cases of demonic possession.

by pregnant women and during childbirth.

Pantaleon, against phthisis and other wasting diseases.

Vitus (or Guy), against epilepsy and against the ‘dance’ bearing his name.


Fr. Benedict M. said...

I could do with Achatius' help right about now.

Leonie said...

Oh, thats so bad, Fr. I'll say a prayer - and, btw, I have a headache too! Too much Kumon and too much homeschooling and too much noise here right now!