Friday, February 09, 2007


"Today, if they are to give a truly human face to society, no people can ignore the precious good of the family, founded on marriage... Thus the Church cannot cease to proclaim that marriage and family are irreplaceable and permit no other alternatives... the Christian family has a very noble mission that it cannot shirk: the transmission of the faith... Parents are the first evangelisers of children, a precious gift from the Creator, and begin by teaching them to say their first prayers. In this way a moral universe is built up, rooted in the will of God, where the child grows in the human and Christian values that give life its full meaning. " - Pope Benedict XVI, Letter to Participants in the Fifth World Meeting of Families.

Family and marriage are important. And both need time - not just quality time but also quantity time...

Spending time together as a family happens easily here.

But I can't say the same about spending time alone with my dh. That tends to need scheduling - and, lets face it, if a marriage is secure, if spouses get to spend some time together, however brief, then the whole family benefits.

This afternoon dh and I got to spend an hour together at home, alone. A very rare occurrence! Of course, we easily found things to do - oh, and things to talk about!

This article discusses the sacrament of marriage and faithfulness in marriage as "a commitment to grow as a couple in mutual support and affection."

I like this concept . Our hour alone prompted me to write this post - it was fun to spend some time together! And this time ends up being good for the family....

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