Sunday, February 11, 2007

In the book box...

I have a book box right next to bed. Its colourful, made of hard cardboard and contains my current reading. I thought I'd share the list - I love books and hearing what others are reading. Maybe you'll share your lists, too?

Christ the Lord by Anne Rice.
Why it is in the box: I heard a review and then the reviewer loaned me the book. Riveting.
Excerpt: This new introduction appears in the paperback edition of the book, released November 1st, 2006:
This book seeks to present a realistic fictional portrait of Our Lord in Time. It is rooted in the faith that the Creator of the Universe became human in the person of Jesus Christ and “dwelt among us.” The magnificent mystery of the Incarnation is accepted and affirmed as fact. Scripture is the inspiration for the emotions and powers of the Child Jesus as they are envisioned here. History as well as the gospels is the source for this picture of a world in which Our Lord might have lived, as a little boy, in war and in peace, from day to day.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Why it is in the box: I am re-reading the novel in preparation for seeing the movie , that is due to be released in July...
Excerpt: Snape: You won't last two seconds if he invades your mind. Harry: I'm not weak! Snape : Then prove it!

Our Moral Life in Christ, a book in the Didache series of high school religion books.
Why it is in the box: I am reading through some of this series to see if they are books I'll pass onto my children.
Excerpt: The word morality refers to the standards by which we judge our actions to be good or evil and moral law is the phrase used to describe the objective standards authored by God and taught by Church authority.

Body For Life for Women by Dr Peeke
Why it is in the box: I wanted to re- read it for continuing fitness tips and motivation.
Excerpt: The take home message? For maximum benefit, cardio combined with weight training, not to mention a healthy diet, is the obvious path to achieving and maintaining an optimal body composition, including minimizing disease-associated, intra-abdominal fat.

Firm for Life
Why it is in the box: I like some of the FIRM workout videos/DVDs and had heard mixed reviews of their older fitness book. I saw it on special at an Amazon seller so bought it for myself! I like some parts - others I can take or leave.
Excerpt:In the same vein, there's no doubt that following through with an exercise program--especially if you're doing it at home with only yourself to report to--requires a large measure of enterprise, dedication, and resolve.You visualize a goal, you vow to achieve it, you're willing to discipline yourself for it, you work on focus and commitment, and you build up the drive to keep going through the early rounds until you see results.That The FIRM shows you those results so quickly is a major motivational plus, as is the compelling nature of the videos, but you still must develop commitment within yourself. Is it a breeze? No. Is it worth digging deep into your nature and coming up with a mental strength you didn't know you had? Ask any Firm Believer whose life has been transfomed by doing just that.

And what are the kids reading?

Jonathon ~ Witness to Hope; Moving Beyond the Game: Social Virtual Worlds

Alexander ~ Shield Ring by Rosemary Sutcliffe; Understanding the Scriptures , in the Didache series

Anthony~ My Story - A Tale of Two Families ; Hood by Stephen Lawhead.

Thomas ~ My Story - The Bombing of Darwin; Merlin by Stephen Lawhead.

Read alouds?

Charlotte's Web

The Times Book of Saints - A Year of Reading


kidspatch said...

Hi Leonie
Is "The Body For Life For Women"connected with Bill Phillip's "Body For Life" book?
I have read Bill Phillip's book through twice but have never heard of the book that you mention. I am curious!

Leonie said...

Yes, it is. You can follow the link on the title above....I've read BFL too. :-)

HopewellMomSchool said...

Here's the list:
Masters of the Air: America's Bomber Boys Who Fought the Air War Against Nazi Germany by Donald L. Miller

Narrated Bible

Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier

Cape Cod by William Martin

Latin-Centered Curriculum by Andrew Campbell [kind of out of the mood to read it...]

Mill & Floss by George Eliot [ditto]

Our Father Abraham by Marvin R. Wilson [tough to read unless you are seated at a table in the Seminary library reading room!]

Scrapbook magazine [forget the title]

current Guideposts magazine

daughter (10) Charlie & Chocolate Factory
son--can he still read now that he's back in public school? No evidence of it.....
Read alouds--no one will sit still anymore..... we stated in on Age of Fable and it went well, but no one has wanted to do it again.....

Leonie said...

qtgfI'd be interested to hear what you think of The Latin Centred Curriculum - always sounds interesting to me but I am kinda over homeschooling books! lol!

Does yr dd like Roald Dahl - my kids like some of his books...Hope school is doing okay...