Saturday, August 05, 2006


I have a motto each year. Well, I aim to have at least one.

I started this habit back in 1997, after reading a book on goals and on getting "your best life ever."

The value of a motto, for me, is that it acts as a reminder of what I want to be and do.

I write the year's motto(es) in my diary - that way I see them every day.

I share them with the children and with my husband - and often with friends.

Cindy and I have talked about mottoes.

I thought I would share the mottoes of 2006.

* Be an overcomer
* Fit by faith
* Walk by faith, not by sight
* Never give up
* Live joyfully the standard


Theresa said...

Love your mottos! I need to come up with one for myself. Does "Get off your rear" count? LOL!

Leonie said...

I think ti sounds like a cool motto! lol!

But I know it doesn't apply to you, Theresa - I read your blog in awe at all the super things you do with your dc. :-)