Saturday, August 05, 2006

Malibu's Most Wanted.

Have you seen this film? It is not a super film but a funny one - and, yes, be forewarned, there *are some unsuitable bits.

The main character is a white rapper from Malibu. His father is Governor. And B-Rad thinks he is helping with his father's campaign by rapping and saying that his dad "gets down with all the b****** and
'ho-s'. " (euphemism)

This line just sticks with me.

Right now, I am a Turbo Jam groupie. I have to do a TJ workout every day. I sing the songs in my head all day.

So, in the words of B-Rad and in the words of those at one of the internet fitness forums that I visit - I am a Turbo Jam 'ho'. I would do ( almost) anything rather than give up my TJ workouts.

I want to be Chalene when I grow up.

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