Friday, August 25, 2006

Learning Spaces.

Elizabeth and others are hosting Loveliness Fairs this year.

The current fair is titled Elegant Simplicity in Learning Spaces.

Now, I'll be frank.

We don't have a Learning Space per se.

We tend to view the whole house as a Learning Space - just as we view the whole of our lives as Learning Time.

However, over the years of babies and toddlers and older children, I have learned a few tricks about keeping clutter at bay. And about strewing.

One way I de-clutter is by having shelves and nooks and containers.

You can see our family room stationery and art nook above.

And our sitting room coffee table/camphor wood chest is currently one of our strewing tables - we saw a python show on the weekend ( before the Big Bike Accident) and so I have placed a book on snakes on the chest for possible perusal.

Simple ~ yes. Elegant ~ well, I am not so sure.


Susan said...

Oh I wish I could declutter! In fact I do...every time we move...the stuff just finds it way back into the house!!! ~sigh~

I've been meaning to take some pics of our learning spaces too...the house always seems to messy but I should just get over that, eh?

Susan <><

Leonie said...

I'd love to see your learning spaces - if you look closely ours are not neat. What I do is have areas for items - so we can chuck things in. The areas may not be organized but things at least have a space and certainly seem less cluttered when they are in place ( however messy that place may be!)

Krisann said...

I love the cabinet. It looks like it is a great height for kids to use not only for storage but also for working on projects.