Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Do you journal?

I keep a once in a blue moon personal journal. I like to write quotes and mottoes and reminders . And worries and problems and prayers and more reminders. Fitness stuff. And five happy things.

I also, obviously, blog.

And I have a general journal - writing and drawing with the kids, nature observations.

I update these whenever. There is no time frame. No compulsion.

My homeschool journal is a slightly different matter. We are required to keep some record of learning for the state. I aim to write in my homeschool journal each night, capturing just a glimpse of the activities and learning of the day.

Sometimes, I am organized and keep the learning in the subject categories delineated by the Board of Studies.

Sometimes I write down activities and discussions and follow up with the BOS outcomes subsequently highlighted.

Sometimes I just write and could care less about curriculum connections for the state!

And sometimes I skip the journal all together.

Yesterday -

* Tessellations
- Investigate, generalise and reason about patterns in number, space and data, explaining and justifying conclusions reached.
- Visualise, draw and model shapes, locations and arrangements and predict and show the effect of transformations on them

* Discuss formal and informal language
- usage, verbal, written, swear words.
- Students understand that the way language is used varies according to context. - Students understand that language has an important effect on the ways in which they view themselves and the world in which they live.
- Students use the conventions of Standard Australian English with understanding and critical awareness.

* Writing skills - blog entries
- Students select from a repertoire of processes and strategies when listening, viewing, reading, speaking and writing by reflecting on their understanding of the way language works for a variety of purposes in a range of contexts. - Students write for a range of purposes and in a range of forms using conventions appropriate to audience, purpose and context.

* Archeology - read Egyptology.
- Students understand that the interaction people have with places in which they live is shaped by the location, patterns and processes associated with natural and built features.
- Students understand that peoples’ actions and values are shaped by their understanding and interpretation of the past.

* Science - read new Horrible Science magazines - forces, ants, bees
- Students understand their own biology and that of other living things, and recognise the interdependence of life.
- Students understand the scientific concept of energy and forces
and explain that energy is vital to our existence and to our quality of life.
- Students understand the nature of science as a human activity.

* Read Usborne book on Spies and discuss spies and spy technology
- Students understand how cultural beliefs, values, abilities and ethical positions are interconnected in the development and use of technology and enterprise.

*Use computer for games, blogging, internet searches, email - Students apply organisational, operational and manipulative skills appropriate to using, developing and adapting technologies.

*Review Latin prayers - Students comprehend and communicate in the target language through listening and responding, and speaking.

*Daily fitness
*Part time work - Kumon and newspaper delivery
*Visit T in hospital and also look at x rays and talk about bones and joints and surgery
*Attend Mass and social after with visitor for dinner
- Students know and understand health and physical activity concepts that enable informed decisions for a healthy, active lifestyle.
- Students exhibit attitudes and values that promote personal, family and community health, and participation in physical activity.
- Students demonstrate self-management skills which enable them to make informed decisions for healthy, active lifestyles.
- Students demonstrate the interpersonal skills necessary for effective relationships

And nothing for the Arts section - although I could have jotted down the music we listened to. And maybe someone practised the piano/guitar? Who knows?

So, do you journal - homeschool or otherwise?


Cindy said...


Did you make up the educational-eese yourself? It sounded so professional! :)

Leonie said...

These statements are from our state's curriculum documents - Foundation Statements. We have to show how we meet these statements and how we plan to coer the areas. Too easy! :-)

LYL said...

I'm sure it's easy once you've learnt the "educationalese" but it seems like too much of a headache to me! I'm glad you can do it though, Leonie.

I like to blog, of course! And I keep a prayer journal, just "whenever." It's good to go back and review!!