Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Being a Catholic "Gestapo" Mum

Lisa has an interesting post on this dilemma.

Have a read!


Fr. Benedict M. said...

A great read indeed Leonie. We are all called to be Catholics not Jansenists. I too have met far too many who easily put charitas Christi a far second behind rules and regulations that Holy Mother Church has never mandated. God willing, more good Catholics will use common sense, and be led by a love of Christ and His Church, rather than worry about wearing dresses or jeans! Yesterday's Gospel for the Feast of Bl. Mary of the Cross (Matthew 6: 25-34) would be a good start.

Leonie said...

Now you know I agree, Fr. :-)

And , yes, thanks, the Gospel yesterday is a good one for remembering what is most important...