Sunday, December 14, 2008


Wow. Greg is back from the UK. We had a birthday cake for him, his birthday was this last week.
And I am thrilled to receive two blog awards from
Grace at Beyond the Black Stump. Isn't she sweet? Run over and check out her blog.

The awards? One for being real ( the Marie Antoniette award) and Grace also tagged me as being one of her favourite Catholics. She writes - I have been tagged by Therese to name my 10 favourite living Catholics.Too easy, my favourite Catholics are the nameless faces I have observed over the years. Those folk that do nothing spectacular but their faith seems to shine from them. They have warmth in their eyes and a kind smile.

That describes Grace.


Mary G said...

Congrats on the awards -- you deserve them! And the boys are so handsome and huge!

Blessings and welcome back from the Land of the Rising Sun!

molly said...

I love that fruit bouquet and table cloth.
Glad to see the crew looking so good.

Julie said...

You must be overjoyed to have your son home!

Cindy said...

Oh, Leonie, I miss you and your family!!!

I have been so off line for too long it is so GOOD to see you.. and your boys and your life.
I gotta catch up.

LOVE LVOE LOVE and hugs!

Leonie said...

Hi everyone! Good to be back!!

Hopewell said...

Congrats--you deserve all kinds of good awards! I'll check out her blog, too. Always looking for new "reads."

Greg said...

Fortunately the jet lag isn't visible... :)