Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Fear and Loathing...

...in Las Vegas? No. In Tokyo and in Wollongong.

Fear and loathing? Not really. More like fame and infamy. And plain old mean-ness.

Fame? Sort of. I kept meeting Supervisors, staff, in Kumon , in Tokyo, at the conference, who knew me. Sort of. I was talking to people, introducing myself to those from other countries, getting to know people, at dinners and lunches and in the conference and in bathroom queues. (I know). And another would come to me and say"'I know you. You're Leonie. I know your face. I read your blog. "
The advantages of the internet.

Infamy and mean-ness? Sort of. Back to Australia, after a long flight home overnight. A flight of laughter with the two Supervisors travelling on the same flight. Meeting some interesting people on the plane. I was picked up by family and we drove to Wollongong. Here for mass and some time out with the family before we go back to busyness. Went to the Buddhist temple, kids went shopping while I had a shower and rest, to mass, out for dinner, watching Meet Dave in the hotel room. Lots of laughter.

All good. Unschooling at its best. Just being together. Making refernces. Discussion about Dickens, Google, Buddhism, purgatory, the mass, music, double entendres, Japan and Tokyo, Kumon education...
But also back to some mean-ness from others, the same others who were mean before my trip to Japan. Some people never change. They are infamous for their ability to gossip, to hurt others, to be judgemental...

Good news? Today is son Greg's birthday! Spoke to him on the phone - and he is home from the UK on Thurs night. Woo hoo!


Ladybug Mommy Maria said...

Happy Birthday to Greg and glad you're back...it sounds like your trip was great (for the most part - sorry about the meanness)...

Glad to hear your ds will be home soon...even though we prepare them to leave, I bet it's not too easy!

hugs from here!

Greg said...

ah yes the famous buddhist temple of Wollongong!
Looking forward to getting back.

molly said...

Happy Birthday Greg!

Glad to hear you are back. You must be doing something right, so much nastiness means you are chipping away at someones conscience. praying for you Leonie, hug those kiddos (OK I know they are big)and enjoy!

Cindy said...


I have met some of the meanness in my new busienss. Yes, I was somewhat insulated, but now I see, again, that the world is the world.

You are a witness, Leonie and though not perfect, you are in the world. We are called to be in the world, but also to rest and refresh.

You did good.. love and hugs and come back here hwen you need suppport.

I will!