Sunday, December 07, 2008

St Nicholas

Feast of St Nicholas in Tokyo. What did I do?

Went to mass. The church was on the site of the Edo (Tokyo) martyrs under one of the early emporers. The Parish has a procession to Our Lady every November to remember these and to honour Mary`s help in protecting the Christians. Mass was In Japanese with a three language Ordo book for tourists. Another mix of old and new - we had the old Confiteor and the prayers at the foot of the altar after Low Mass.

Conference speakers and panel inspiring.Helpful. Pursuit of potential. Learning from excellent students.

Persuaded some other supervisors to go out last night after the conference dinner.Caught a train to Ebisu and then transferred to the subway and went to Rippongi. A trendy shopping area by day, night life and coffee shops by night. LOVED the christmas trees and lights, the Sky Tower and city lights, the coffee and being out at night. Not many tourists, but lots of Japanese...Was told by a Malaysian supervisor that I fit in with my clothes! lol!

Almost missed the last subway train. Back to the hotel VERY late and up VERY early today, to go to day two of the conference - at the Tokyo Dome....


Chris said...

Good on you Leonie. Talking the others into going out and then staying out. Woo Hoo. Sounds like you enjoyed the conference.

Luke said...

Excellent work - I'm also impressed that you fitted in with the fashions! Very Cool!!

Ladybug Mommy Maria said...

You wild woman!!! ;-)

Sounds like a great time!