Saturday, December 20, 2008

Three Years

Three years. We will be in Sydney another three years.

Dh has received a transfer, to another position here in Sydney. This posting is for three years. So, here we are. Here we stay. Hopefully, this is right for us. What God wants.

A super nice thing about staying in Sydney is being with friends. We've made some NICE friends, very nice....And some of these friends gave me the blue willow soup tureen above, as a Christmas-and-thank-you present ; a thank you for organising Homeschool Teen Group. Love blue willow. Love my friends.

Another of the really, really good things about living in Sydney is the chance to experience various exhibitions. Like the Monet Exhibition in November. And the Star Wars Exhibition this week.

We came straight home from the exhibition and strew our Star Wars books. Wanna catch up on the Star Wars movies again.

Right now we are strewing Advent, Christmas and Star Wars!


Chris said...

We "Shaws" love you and want to make the most of the next three years together. Yippee!

Leonie said...

Love ya! And, hey, it could be longer - it cou;d be forever! Yikes! We don't know how to live somewhere forever! lol!

Susan said...

Al Leonie,
I'm rejoicing with you \0/\0/\0/

After having been in 7 homes in the last 7 years I would love to have our next posting here in SA. we're due for posting in Mar 09 so I have fingers crossed.

Good onya- I'm happy for you.


Greg said...

Absolutely - I've not seen Attack of the Clones or Revenge of the Sith since they came out at the cinema!

Anonymous said...

Deo gratias! FrB

Cindy said...

Oh, Leonie, I am so glad... I know how wonderful it is to feel stable and in place.You have done so well accepting God's will... when we can figure out what it is, right?

Love Chewie!! Cool pic!

Leonie said...

Susan, prayers for your next posting - BTDT and sometimes stability is good ( if a bit frightening).

Greg, I'm a fan of the OLD Star Wars ( from which we can all quote ad nauseum, as you know).

And thanks, Cindy and Fr. Cindy - finding God's will is hard for me. I tend to thing - What if?