Friday, December 05, 2008


Feel like I am living in that cartoon series ASTRO BOY. The juxtaposition of new and old, of pop culture and anime with Buddhist and Shinto temples, the old fashioned manners and bows and the modern street Tokyo fashions (which I like).

A day of sightseeing. Very brave. Caught trains and did trips and shopping ALL BY MYSELF.

The trains are fun. Visited the Tokyo Tower and a temple. Imperial Palace gardens. And the Ginzo shopping district. Very tempted to buy some more long coloured stocks and some funky flat boots.

AND....My luggage arrived at 9.30 pm tonight!

雨降って地固まる ame futte chi katamaru

After the rain earth hardens...Meaning? Adversity builds character...My adversity? Spending two days in the same clothes. And missing out on seeing Alexander on his first formal. And not being able to go to the shrine of Christain martyrs tomorrow - its $400 ON THE BULLET TRAIN! But found a Catholic Church near the hotel and plan on attending Mass there - in Japanese. (Apparently only 1-2 % of Japanese are Christian..)

Hopefully still going on a bullet train and maybe to Disneyland Tokyo...



Mary G said...

Sounds like you're having a great time -- memorable, anyway!

My brother lived 10+ years in Hokaido and found a great parish but I remember he had to take the train to Mass -- and I believe he did that daily!

I remember when he'd come back for visits, he didn't mind picking up the tab as feeding us was cheaper than feeding just himself in Japan (especially steak -- OY!).

Have a blessed time ....

Greg said...

Oh yes, Astro Boy...I still remember the heartbreak of watching that series...Sounds like you're having a cool time. And of coure now you have clean clothes it can only get better!

molly said...

I want to see a picture of those socks and boots:) Hope you are being safe and having fun!

Leonie said...

Yeah everything expensive in Tokyo- thankfully Im not a meat eater...abd which is why I didn,t buy those socks and boots...And Greg I remember crying with Astro Boy too!