Thursday, December 04, 2008

Lost in Translation

Just like that Bill Murray film.

No, not the bad karaoke. I do that at home with Singstar!
But the lost-in-translation differences between Sydney and Japan. Trying to explain about my lost luggage to those who speak little English. (Hopefully luggage will arrive tomorrow.With St Anthony`s help). Trying to find out about 24 hour stores to buy those little necessities ( and try explaining feminine hygiene to a non English speaking Japanese male. I gave up and asked about the internet instead. He knew about Google!)

Enjoyed a late night walk in the Japanese Gardens of the Grand Prince Hotel Takinawa. Enjoyed the Singapore Slings in the bar. Looking forward to clean clothes and sight seeing tomorrow.

Fifty years of Kumon. The conference starts Friday night.

The feast of St Francis Xavier, and praying the novena prayer for the Immaculate Conception.

Liking Tokyo so far, in spite of the luggage fiasco.

A stopover in Cairns.

These highlights of today.


Chris said...

Glad you have arrived safely. I am praying that you have your luggage returned to you safely and soon. You are clever posting a blog in Japan.

Leonie said...

very clever not!

Leonie said...

very clever not!

Lisa said...

Enjoy Japan Leonie....clean clothes or not!


Luke said...

Lol, I like your travelling story so far!

Did you carry the Lost in Translation vibe far enough to feel like Roger Moore? :)

Leonie said...

Thanks Lisa - and Luke, not quite Roger!

Greg said...

Love that film. And Singapore Slings ROCK!! Enjoy!