Friday, July 18, 2008

World Youth Day - Day Three. The Domain. Papal Arrival.

Wow, I am so excited. The Pope arrived by boat at Barangaroo. Following the liturgy and a homily, he drove around the streets of Sydney. You can see parts of the exterior of St Mary's Cathedral above.We were at The Domain, nearby to the Cathedral, watched the arrival and liturgy on the big Screen and were right front at the fence when the Pope drove past. I screamed and waved.

Started the day with organising the buses for the Papal Mass for Sunday and the food for the pilgrim farewell for Monday. At the parish office. Went to a funeral of a dear lady from church. Then to the cuty.

Met up with the youth group pilgrims from our parish. And had a religious brother over for an impromptu dinner ~ pizza. Chatted to our Hungarian pilgrims, they brought me flowers! I bought them a pictorial book of Australia.

And one of the friars from our parish was interivewed in
The Australian. Nice pic, too ~ sadly the pic is not online.

I videoed the papal motorcade and hope to upload it later. But you can see pics here.

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Ladybug Mommy Maria said...

Thank you so much for this inside peek into WYD!

Really enjoying it - how special for you all!