Sunday, July 20, 2008

World Youth Day and The Valiant Woman.

WYD and The Valiant Woman? WYD and my marriage?

Well, yeah.

I am an extrovert. My dh is more introverted than I. All my WYD activities this week have highlighted these differences.

Not necessarily in a bad way.

I have spent my married life trying to balance my personality and my dh's personality. Our differences. This is good - it is part of my vocation.

I kinda failed during WYD week.

So, I went to Confession. On the advice of the priest, I spoke to my dh. Wow.

I listened. I prayed.

I cried. ( Alone. I never cry in front of others. I rarely cry. I am a private person when it comes to showing emotions).

And then I read some of The Valiant Woman. Ah, reminds me of how to balance things in my vocation. Balance who I am with my vocation as a wife and mother.

The heart of her husband trusteth in her and he hath no need of spoils. Mutual confidence, my children, is the very breath of life, the source of the purest happiness; it binds hearts closer, and weaves fresh charms for bhe tie of relatiuonship......Exert yourself to merit and win your husbands' confidence, which you will unfallibly do, if you lead an exemplary life, and maintain unshaken sweetness and patience amidst what may be most wounding to you...

The valiant woman will render her husband good, and not evil, all the days of her life. ...To render good always, above all to her husband, for she should form but one being with him;...Oppose an act of abnegation, of self-denial, to each act of other; speak a gentle word for every harsh one. Or, if you cannot do that, at least keep silence; not an aggressive, provoking silence but one born of love and patience;..

Ah, patience. Maybe a fruit of WYD will be me learning patience, patience with the differences between dh and I. Opposites do attract. And love. And marry. And stay married.

My prayer this week has been for vocations. And for patience.

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