Friday, July 25, 2008

Another Day Out

Talking to another mum last night, we decided that we all need days off to play. Otherwise our life becomes one of never ending work and obligations and grown-up-ness.

Today we said a prayer to St Christopher. Went to Mass - Fr. talked about St James the Greater, about carrying our cross. Went to the doctors, dh took our pilgrims to the airport. Then I took the day off!

I and some of the kids, with a friar visiting from Italy and another friar from our parish, went to the Sydney Aquarium and to the Sydney Wildlife Park. Had lunch out.

I enjoyed the afternoon of play ~ in spite of the rain. Will post pics later...

And , to make up for the day of play, I've had to catch up with work related stuff tonight. Just completed my monthly work ( Kumon) reports that I started last night after work, and completed my Kumon newsletter for August. Hooray! Off to have some dinner and watch some Get Smart with some of the family, then laundry and paperwork before bed. Good night!


Cindy said...

Hi Leonie-

So true.. and so great you and your freind recognized it!

I felt the same way and called my friend here- her only number is her cell phone, so I never know where she will be when I call. She also works and travels for that. So when I call I always say.."where are you?" and will get answers ranging from Chicago, to home to sitting outside Kumon waiting for my daughter!
This time I called and she is in New York! With her sister, niece and dd, seeing shows.

I realized I have not done anything fun for a long time. I should have been there as it was on my birthday! lol

Leonie said...

Cindy - go and have fun! Esp since its been your birthday! lol!